Cygnet Hospital Bury supporting Fortalice

Staff at Cygnet Hospital Bury have donated a wide selection of items to Fortalice, a local charity that assists women and children who are effected by domestic abuse.

The collection was organised by members of the hospital’s Staff Representation Group (SRG). Staff donated a large selection of items including clothes, toiletries, toys and food.

The SRG’s Becci, Kathy and Oliver delivered the item’s to a local refuge on 23rd December. The donations will help families, that mostly arrive at the refuge with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, to be given a fresh start with new clothing, shoes, toys and toiletries, etc.

The donation was gratefully received from the ladies that work and volunteer at Fortalice in Bolton who work hard to support women and families who have suffered abuse.

Cygnet Hospital Bury’s SRG Lead Becci Berry said, “We would like to thank all staff at Cygnet Hospital Bury for your hard work and determination over this very busy time of year and for your generous donations. The donations will be changing the lives for lots of people in our local community in this festive but also difficult time of year.”

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