myPath is an overarching care model which serves to monitor service user engagement levels, manage service user records, assess progress and formulate a personalised and dynamic care plan with measurable targets.

The model embraces a wide range of evidence-based tools such as pharmaceutical inputs, daily living skills, progressive community-based outcomes and risk management plans. In doing the above, myPath ensures the delivery of high quality and inclusive care which is continually evaluated through robust operational and clinical governance frameworks.

Five online tools are used for baseline implementation across all services:

GAP – Global Assessment of Progress
We employ a number of routine outcome measurements to monitor the effectiveness of our interventions. These outcome measurements provide the organisation with an indication of the progress of the individuals in our care.

DRA – Daily Risk Assessment
Each service uses a Daily Risk Assessment (DRA) specifically designed for that service. The DRA allows for visibility of decision-making around risk as well as the corporate visibility of level of risk that a site carries.

Care Plans Online
Our care plans set out how an individual’s care and support needs will be met. Individuals should be involved in the preparation of their care plan and the care plan should be followed by every member of the team to ensure that a consistent approach is used in supporting the individuals in our care.

Electronic Notes
Our Electronic notes systems has been developed in line with national requirements for the management of patient records. We have adhered to Codes of Practice for Handling information in Health and Social Care, Codes of Practice on Confidential Information and Information Security and Governance from both the NHS and the Information Governance Alliance. In addition, we have considered professional requirements as outlined by the GMC, NMC and HCPC to safeguard our clinical team members.

Meaningful Activities
Our Occupational Therapy departments take the lead on providing meaningful activities to the people in our care. Working collaboratively with all other disciplines we are able to identify, plan and facilitate activities that are meaningful to each individual.

Every individual is offered a minimum of 25 hours of meaningful activity a week. These activities are scheduled and recorded using our ‘activity tool’ which produces therapy programmes and reports on a weekly basis and helps us to monitor individual care but also target specific locations requiring further support and resources.