Co-Production at Cygnet

The Cygnet Health Care Yellow Book

The Cygnet Health Care Yellow Book contains artwork, poetry, music and creative contributions from service users across Cygnet and is a celebration of how creativity can support positive mental health.

People’s Council

The People’s Council is a co-produced forum within Cygnet Health Care which aims to share power and give a voice to service users, residents and family carers at every level of the organisation.

Music 2 Empower

Music 2 Empower is an initiative by Cygnet Health Care, launched in October 2019, that aims to bring the positive effects of music therapy across our services.

Recovery Colleges

Cygnet Health Care recognises that each individual is an expert in their own care and through our Recovery Colleges we work together with each student on their own personal recovery journey whatever that may be.


Led by our Procurement and Experts by Experience teams, Co-Sustain uses the principles of coproduction to raise awareness and educate individuals on meaningful changes they can make to have a positive impact on the environment.

Smoke Aware Initiative

Our Smoke Aware Initiative was founded by the Expert by Experience team at Cygnet in partnership with the Collaborative Centre for Smoking Cessation. The project aims to reduce health inequalities through supporting meaningful smoking cessation and awareness within inpatient services.