Sally Whittle-Long

Supporting colleagues through Sustaining Resilience at Work

Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW®) is a peer support system designed to help detect and prevent occupational mental health issues and boost psychological resilience. We spoke to Sally Whittle-Long, HR Administrator, who shares her experience as a StRaW Practitioner and how it can help promote staff wellbeing.

‘I wouldn’t be who I am today’ – My journey on Roseacre Ward

In this powerful account Rachael shares the struggles that she has had with her mental health and writes about how the team on Roseacre Ward, Cygnet Hospital Maidstone’s specialised personality disorder service, supported her to learn coping strategies, engage in therapy and ultimately achieve a successful discharge.

Dr Jon Van Niekerk

‘A gift to my body’ – Why I am taking part in Dry January this year

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Alcohol Change UK’s Dry January campaign which encourages people to stop drinking alcohol for an entire month. In our latest blog Dr Jon Van Niekerk, Cygnet’s Group Clinical Director, writes about his commitment to completing Dry January this year as well as the physical and mental health benefits of abstaining from alcohol for a month.

How to cope with loneliness at Christmas

You might be alone on Christmas for different reasons, such as social anxiety or living far from relatives and loved ones. But there are ways to make sure Christmas can still feel special and fulfilling for you. We asked our team of Occupational Therapy experts at Cygnet Health Care to share some valuable advice on coping with loneliness at Christmas for those who may find themselves struggling alone this festive period.

My Journey on Roseacre Ward – Rachael’s Story

In our latest blog Rachael, a former service user at Cygnet Hospital Maidstone, shares her journey on Roseacre Ward, the hospital’s specialised personality disorder service. Rachael writes about her mental health difficulties, how the ward team were able to support her, as well as her own determination to make her stay on the ward a success.