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Laura Storey

Learning Disabilities Week: Busting Myths

This week is Learning Disabilities Week and in this blog Laura Storey, the Registered Manager of Outwood, shares her views on life at the service, how different needs are catered for and how people with learning disabilities should never be underestimated.

Inclusivity in Cygnet Schools

June is Pride Month and Jayne Rowlands, Education Officer and Pastoral Lead at Excel & Exceed School, Cygnet Hospital Bury, has shared her insights on what Cygnet schools do to support LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Matthew with his brothers

Meet our new Expert by Experience Carer Ambassador

In our latest blog Matthew McKenzie, Cygnet’s new Expert by Experience Carer Ambassador, speaks about the impact he hopes to make to the organisation to ensure carers voices are heard and that they continue to play an integral role in shaping the support provided to their loved one.

Lee Millington-Millar

Why I’m Driven To Improve Mental Health Care

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Lee Millington-Millar, one of our Experts by Experience, shares his reflections on his recovery journey, the support he received at Cygnet Hospital Taunton, and why he wants to give back to help others.

Dr Henk Swanepoel

What is anxiety and how to treat it

Our Lead Neuropsychologist at Cygnet Brunel, Dr Henk Swanepoel, answers some common questions about anxiety, including some tips for how to manage the condition if you find yourself experiencing its symptoms.

Members of the Deaf Services team at Cygnet Hospital Bury. From left to right; Clare Shard (Head of Interpreting Services), Tracy Gibson (BSL Interpreter), Jackie Maxim (BSL Interpreter) and Trevor Borthwick-Hare (Translation Specialist).

The challenges facing deaf people with mental health struggles

This week is Deaf Awareness Week and in this blog experts from Cygnet Hospital Bury, which provides specialist mental health support to deaf people, shed light on why members of the deaf community are more prone to mental health conditions and how treatment is adapted.

Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility takes place on March 31st each year to celebrate Trans and non-binary people. In our latest blog, Aaron Bergin, co-chair of Cygnet's LGBTQ+ Network, shares their reflections both on the importance of this day and how you can be an Ally to the Trans community.

My Life with Autism

Flo was diagnosed with autism when they were 18-years-old and this World Autism Acceptance Week, they answers our questions about what is to like to live with autism, both the challenges and the benefits, and how they want to live in a world where differences are embraced and celebrated.

How to get a good night’s sleep

This week is Sleep Awareness Week, a time for us to recognise sleep as a crucial part of our health and well-being. In this blog we share a number of tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

Self-Injury Awareness Day Blog

Today is Self-Injury Awareness Day. In our latest blog Bryony Plastow, Assistant Psychologist at Cygnet Acer Clinic, answers a number of questions about self-injury including what can cause someone to consider self-injury and what to do if a loved one is self-injuring.