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Donna’s Occupational Therapy Journey

In our latest blog we hear from Donna, a service user at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield's Spencer Ward. She shares how engagement with the Occupational Therapy team set her on the right path and improved her confidence, communication skills, awareness of self and others, community skills and developing her trust in trying new things.

Dr Henk Swanepoel

Functional Neurological Disorder Q&A

Today is FND Awareness Day, an event to highlight Functional Neurological Disorder. In this article Dr Henk Swanepoel, Head of Psychology at Cygnet Brunel, answers some common questions about what the condition is, its symptoms and how it is diagnosed.

Charlene McIntosh

Neurodiversity Celebration Week Q&A

This week is Neurodiversity Celebration Week and in our latest blog we talked with Charlene McIntosh, Lead Psychologist at Cygnet Alders Clinic and a member of the neurodiverse community, about what it means to be neurodivergent, and the impact, challenges and positives it can have on someone's life.


Endometriosis Action Month

March is Endometriosis Action Month and to raise awareness we spoke to Blessing Makunde, a member of Cygnet’s Women’s Network and Senior Support Worker at Devon Lodge.

Frontal lobe paradox – how can we best help service users?

Frontal lobe paradox, an often hidden impairment, can leave people silently struggling despite presenting as being unaffected in daily life. Here, Dr Jennifer Tibbles and Warren Bridges, a clinical psychologist and nurse associate from Cygnet Heathers, discuss the importance of getting to the heart of an individuals needs.

Dr Caroline Fleming

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW). In our latest blog Dr Caroline Fleming, Regional Lead Psychologist at Cygnet Hospital Ealing, answers some commonly asked questions about Eating Disorders.

Mental Health Nurses’ Day

Ahead of Mental Health Nurses' Day we spoke to several of the Cygnet Mental Health Nurses who are taking part in today's event to find out about their background and why they love their jobs.

David Wilmott

How I became a Director of Nursing despite leaving school with just two O-Levels

A Registered Nurse for more than 20 years, David Wilmott has worked across a number of services including acute and mental health and is now Director of Nursing at Cygnet Group. David has shared his story of how leaving school with little qualification didn’t hold him back in reaching his nursing ambitions.

A life worth living thanks to Cygnet Acer Clinic

In our latest blog Tara shares her journey in inpatient services and how an admission to Cygnet Acer Clinic in 2022 gave her the confidence and skills to move into the community and give her a life she wanted to live.

Matthew Gill

How to encourage conversations about mental health

Time to Talk Day is an annual awareness day held at the beginning of February. It’s a day for us all to start a conversation about mental health. Our Regional Director of Psychology, Matt Gill, shares his insight into how to encourage conversations about mental health and how to best support somebody who is opening up.

Leanne Flint

My role at Cygnet

Support workers are the backbone of our organisation, providing care for our service users, patients and residents, all year round. Leanne Flint initially joined Cygnet as a support worker in 2008 and in our latest blog she writes about the training and personal development that has helped her progress in her career.