Mermaid Ward launches CAMHeleon bid

Last week the team at Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital’s Mermaid Ward were proud to launch their bid for CAMHeleon accreditation.

Developed by the same team who created Star Wards, CAMHeleon celebrates and promotes Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) ward best practice and the things that really make a positive difference to young people, identifying small changes that have a big impact. Its overall objective is to support ward staff in enabling young people to really make the most of this time away from their usual lives.

The whole ward team were invited to the launch to discuss their ideas for implementing change across nine domains as part of the CAMHeleon initiative: The nine domains are:

  1. Caring Relationships
  2. Opportunity and Expression
  3. Leisure and Therapeutic Activity
  4. On and Off the Ward
  5. Understanding
  6. Relational and Physical Safety
  7. Family and Friends
  8. Unique Recovery Journeys
  9. Learning and Growth

The Mermaid Ward team are hoping to complete accreditation within the next six months. Meanwhile two of the hospital’s other CAMHS wards, Dragon Ward and Pixie Ward also aim to launch CAMHeleon in the next couple of months.

Stacey Spooner, CAMHS Lead, said “I am really excited to launch CAMHeleon within Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital. Our CAMHeleon will focus on coproduction between our young people and the whole team. We really hope that together we can make a positive difference to our service.”

Mermaid Ward is a 10 bed CAMHS PICU service for young people with severe mental illness. Find out more about the service by visiting the Mermaid Ward page.

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