Cygnet Hospital Sheffield’s Ward-Step-Off Competition

Following the success of the previous Steps Competition at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield, the Fitness Team decided it would be fitting to bring this fun physical and mental health promotion back for Occupational Therapy Week.

The format was changed slightly from an individual challenge to a ward challenge, so the emphasis was on working as a team within the ward to outdo the other ward teams. The premise was kept simple: get the most steps in 5 days! Up for grabs were bragging rights, a bag-full of delicious healthy snacks for the whole ward to share, and of course, the coveted first place trophy for the winning ward to display proudly – at least until the next ward vs ward challenge.

Rodney Dube, Head of the Fitness Team at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield said, “Bringing this competition back as a teamwork focused challenge worked really well because service users felt more comfortable being in a team with their peers, rather than competing against them. I would often hear encouraging words from one service user to the next in regards to the competition and it was great to see them rallying together to try and achieve a common goal. With physical activity levels being quite low on the wards, initiatives like these are vital towards countering those low levels. It also encourages service users to do something that’s both fun and positive for their physical and mental health.”

One service user commented, “There were four of us taking part in the steps competition on each ward. I had a lot of fun trying to do as many steps as possible. It was also good exercise and a good challenge. Definitely would love to do it again.”

Another service user said, “I felt positive knowing that I was helping everyone else on the ward. I really enjoyed the experience as I found it fun and rewarding.”

In the end, Spencer Ward won and so they currently hold that coveted trophy! Due to one individual’s outstanding effort for Spencer Ward, she was given an ‘honourable mention’ trophy. Definitely well-deserved after having managed 44,415 steps in 5 days!

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