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Positive feedback for Cygnet Hospital Beckton’s Recovery College

The team at Cygnet Hospital Beckton were recently delighted to receive some wonderful feedback from an ex-service user about her experiences of the hospital’s Recovery College. Cygnet Hospital Beckton provides specialist inpatient services for women with personality disorder and complex mental health needs and is located in the East End of London.

In her feedback, the service user writes:

“I wanted to let you know how much the Recovery College and my time at Cygnet Hospital Beckton has changed my life. I have a job in admin at a GP surgery now which I love. It challenges me every day and has certainly pushed me to become more assertive! Being able to talk about the groups I did whilst at New Dawn and editing the newsletter really helped me with the interview and meant I had something to show for the gap in my CV. It also meant I didn’t feel too out of my depth working with a team of people.

“I didn’t think I would get my life back but I’m living a life I never thought I would have and so much of that is down to Cygnet.”

“I have the confidence now to push myself outside my comfort zone which I never had before Cygnet. Thinking back to editing the newsletter and co facilitating groups made me realise how much I like teaching so I’m working towards applying to teach secondary science. I’ve been shadowing at secondary schools sitting in on lessons and talking to established teachers- I couldn’t have done that before Cygnet and the Recovery College.

“I’ve started re discovering old hobbies and enjoyments. Again, having attended groups, I developed the confidence to go back to my violin and I’m taking lessons again. Some of my most challenging times in my life were at Cygnet but it’s given me the strength and resilience to not give up. I try to keep challenging myself.

“I didn’t think I would get my life back but I’m living a life I never thought I would have and so much of that is down to Cygnet. I wanted to say thank you so much, the Recovery College played such a huge part in helping me build a life worth living.”

The team at Cygnet Hospital Beckton were absolutely delighted to receive this feedback. Deputy Head Occupational Therapist, Emily Kobelis, said, “She has captured her experience at Cygnet Hospital Beckton in a very articulate way reflecting on the true meaning of the Recovery College as well as our aim of group work and how it has enabled her to achieve her goals in the community. At times our work can be challenging and we can lose sight but it is these little moments that make everything worthwhile.”

To find out more about Cygnet’s Recovery Colleges please visit our Recovery College page.

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