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Five Cygnet services now members of the Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance (INPA)

We are pleased to report that Cygnet Heathers and Meadows Mews have met the criteria to be members of the Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance (INPA). Five of Cygnet’s neuropsychiatric services are now members of the INPA.

INPA is an alliance of providers, who joined together to form a strong voice in the sector, ensuring that neurorehabilitation is delivered in quality environments, by trained and experienced staff in a caring way to assist the rehabilitation process.

Cygnet Heathers and Meadows Mews provide a seamless neuropsychiatric rehabilitation pathway for men who have an acquired brain injury.

“Heathers and Meadow Mews work closely together to provide neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative rehabilitation for men with mental health difficulties and acquired brain injury. Team working to achieve this is clearly evident with staff taking on various coordination roles within the patient pathway. There is a strong commitment to staff development and to involving patients in decision making both within their own journey but also the running of the unit.”INPA Inspector

Cygnet Heathers is a 20 bed Neuropsychiatric care and treatment facility offering those affected by acquired brain injuries a safe and secure place to aid recovery. Cygnet Heathers can also offer those diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease, like Huntington’s Disease, a caring and longer term placement to support and help manage the progression of their symptoms.

As an integral part of our neurological rehabilitation pathway Cygnet Heathers offers transitional step down placements in Meadows Mews. This facility is located less than a mile from the hospital. Residents at Meadows Mews continue to receive neuropsychiatric, psychological, occupational therapy and support worker interventions as required, outside a hospital setting under less restrictive settings.

“We are overjoyed that five of our Neuropsychiatry services have all met the criteria to be members of INPA following recent inspections. It is important to us as that the specialist nature of these services and the great outcomes and progress achieved by our patients is recognised.”Rachael Chamberlain – Business Development Director – Neurological

Cygnet Heathers and Meadows Mews join three of Cygnet’s other neuropsychiatric services, Cygnet Brunel in Bristol, and Cygnet Lodge and Cygnet Grange in Nottinghamshire as members of the INPA.

The recently opened Cygnet St William’s in Darlington will be applying for INPA membership later this year.

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