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Gender: Male

Age: 18+

Bed: 10

Meadows Mews is an enhanced community residential service for men with neuropsychiatric or neurodegenerative conditions, who may have behaviours that challenge alongside additional social and complex needs.

Meadows Mews acts as a transitional service from inpatient rehabilitation for those individuals who have been able to progress through the hospital pathway but now require the ability to return to the community; where participation in both social and domestic activities is vital for their quality of life and long term future in the community.

It is vital therefore, that a robust and effective community reintegration programme is provided for those coming out of a hospital setting to ensure that they can achieve their most independent and positive lifestyle, taking full advantage of all their hard work to achieve a level of recovery that can allow them to explore living in the community.

It’s a daunting thought for service users to go from a hospital setting to living in the community with minimal restrictions. This is why residents at Meadows Mews will continue to receive psychiatric, psychological, occupational therapy and support worker interventions and support, as required. The aim of this treatment is to complete brain injury rehabilitation in the community setting with emphasis on making the necessary specialist help available outside the hospital setting.

Meadows Mews comprises of ten bedrooms split across five self-contained apartments in a row, to create a sense of community for our residents. All these homes feature a rear garden with patio area, driveway for visitors, living / dining room, bathroom plus additional WC and fitted kitchens offering appliances.

Our resident profile

  • Diagnosis of:
    • Established or suspected Acquired Brain Injury including those sustained through trauma, anoxia, stroke, tumour, virus or infection
    • Established or suspected neurodegenerative condition including Huntington’s Disease
    • Specialist Dementia e.g. Pick’s Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia
    • Korsakoff’s Syndrome or other substance abuse related brain injury
  • Presenting symptoms may include:
    • Dysphasia or other communication problems
    • Executive Dysfunction
    • May present with challenging behaviour (aggression, utilisation behaviours or sexual disinhibition)
  • Presenting comorbidities may include:
    • Psychiatric disorders including psychoses
    • Complex epilepsy
    • Post-ictal psychosis
    • Organic personality disorder

Our referral process:

Meadows Mews can accept individuals from a wide range of placements from across the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Ireland. Funding can be generated through NHS pathways e.g. Individual Funding Requests, Individual Placement Agreements, Continuing Health Care pathways, self-funding, medico legal funding and joint packages with Local Authorities.

  1. Referral made to Cygnet referrals team via 0808 164 4450 / [email protected]
  2. An assessment is arranged and undertaken within 5 working days
  3. Initial verbal feedback provided to referrer post assessment
  4. Assessment pack formulated including generation of initial care plans focus and funding information
  5. Admission agreed post funding confirmation and plans for a safe transition created with current treating team
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