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“Staff have high expectations and demonstrate high levels of skills when delivering the curriculum both in the Centre and on the wards.”Independent School Review, February 2024

“I just want to let you know that I have been seeing a huge change in XX’s mental health & wellbeing. Her education needs are met daily and I feel she has excelled at the programme which is tailored for her. She is upbeat about her music and singing and gained a wonderful place in the choir. She has expressed amazing focus back into her composing – she loves to create lyrics & can express herself strongly through her artistry and dance. I requested this to be recognised early on in her stay and you have fulfilled exactly this – I thank you for especially encouraging her where she thrives the most, I really feel that this has given her confidence and her mental health a boost.Parent, December 2023

“I just want to say a huge thank you to all the teachers who have supported me through my admission. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me come this far and I think school is one of the main ones. Even when I was struggling you would all try your hardest. I am so grateful for everyone especially when Charlie took me to Bolton college, and Lauren’s childcare lessons which will help me massively in the next few years. However, I will miss my maths with John. (top effort) – Thank you”Student, October 2023

“I want to submit a formal compliment for the TA’s Lauren and Charlie. They help me a lot with my work and they are very supportive.”Manager at WISH, October 2023

“Thank you Joanne, for your fascinating stories on marine biology that have inspired me to have a greater interest in the world beneath us as well as around us. Thank you Lauren, for being kind to my peers when they are upset and also for being an inspiration to our age group. Thank you Wendy, for being so friendly and interactive with us.”Student, June 2023

“I have found working with the teachers at Excel and Exceed really useful. I feel more prepared for the future.”Student

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