Dr Tony Romero, Cygnet CEO, responds to news of General Election on 4th July

As the general election campaign gets underway, we’re asking the political parties to work together to reverse the mental health emergency, to prioritise prevention and expand the provision of services.

Far more people in the UK require mental healthcare than are receiving it and parity between mental and physical health is critical.

Many mental health conditions are avoidable and if treated early can be cured with the right care, delivered in the right setting at the right time. For those with enduring severe mental illness, specialist care in the least restrictive settings can help to bring stability and minimise relapses.

Mental health conditions cost the UK economy around £120 billion annually with many people out of work experiencing mental ill health.

At Cygnet, our Experts by Experience know how tough the journey to return to work is. As former service users, they are an essential part of our specialist workforce who give hope and help to others to get back on their feet.

Expanding and developing the mental health workforce to meet the rising demand has to be prioritised.

The impact of mental ill health is far-reaching and affects people’s relationships, families, job prospects, housing security and physical health. This election is a defining opportunity to enable real change in our mental health system and give hope to more people for a better future.

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