Not all disabilities are visible

This week marks the International Day of People with Disabilities 2020, an annual celebration of people with disabilities. In our latest blog James O’Neil, Regional Manager, North West, for Cygnet’s Supported Living Services, explains what it means to have a hidden disability, and how we can all help.

How to make a self-soothe box

In our latest blog Katie Condliffe, an occupational therapist at Cygnet Hospital Bury looks at self-soothe boxes and why they can be a great way to manage feelings of anxiety, panic and stress.

Black History Month 2020 – Celebrating black icons and unsung heroes

In our latest blog Rosalyn Mloyi, Regional Nurse Director (South), talks about the importance of Black History Month and Agnes Tutani, Clinical Commissioning Nurse Assessor, highlights some of the pioneers and inventors that have inspired her including a number of unsung heroes.

World Mental Health Day 2020

In advance of World Mental Health Day tomorrow Dr Erica de Lange, Director for Cygnet Psychology Services (South), looks at how the pandemic has affected people's mental health, where to seek support and how to get involved in World Mental Health Day.