Cygnet Hospital Wyke supporting local food bank

Well done to Debbie Fitt, Ward Clerk at Cygnet Hospital Wyke, who has helped organise a collection for a local food bank.

Debbie had the idea to do a hamper after seeing a request for donations from Wyke Food Bank. We all know what a hard time Christmas can be for families and the elderly and every donation, no matter how large or small can make a massive difference. Over 90% of food distributed by the Food Bank comes from members of the public, which is why donations are vital.

Debbie sent out an email asking for staff at Cygnet Hospital Wyke to support. For five weeks Debbie encouraged staff to bring in items and the response was amazing! Donations of food, dry goods, toiletries, baby clothes, nappies and baby care items were received in abundance.

On 16th December 2019 Bob and Gail, two of the volunteers from The Hub at Wyke Food Bank attended Cygnet Hospital Wyke to collect the hamper; they were overwhelmed by the amount of items that had been given to replenish their store.

Thank you to all the staff who participated, helping one person might not change the world, but it might change the world for one person. Well done Debbie!

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