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Cygnet creating three new regional People’s Councils

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our National People’s Council that we launched last year, we are now rolling out three new regional People’s Councils in the North, South and Midlands.

The People’s Council is a monthly forum aims to ensure that service users and family carers are heard at every level of the organisation; working alongside staff and stakeholders (i.e. CQC etc.) as equal members in the spirit of coproduction. The three new councils are a reflection of the growth of the organisation and are being created to ensure people at the heart of our services are heard from ‘ward to board’.

The People’s Council aims to:

  • Gather feedback from the ‘Ward to Board’
  • Ensure people who use Cygnet services and their carers are heard at all levels of the organisation
  • Work with and influence the Executive Management Board
  • Share best practice and lessons learned across the organisation
  • Coproduce policies and procedures
  • Challenge and support the organisation to do better
  • Come up with innovative projects and ideas
  • Review complaints where there are themes and develop solutions
  • Shape the vision, values and direction of organisation

“The People’s Council is more than a patient forum, it is a place where the people using our services, family carers, staff and stakeholders can work together as equal members to coproduce improvements and initiatives. Since the implementation of the People’s Council at our pilot services, we have seen significant improvements and recognition from both service users and regulators.”Raf Hamaiza, Expert by Experience Lead, Cygnet Health Care

Since the roll out of the National People’s Council last year a number of our hospitals have piloted the People’s Council including Cygnet’s: Harrow, Woking, Derby, Clifton and Coventry. Cygnet are now committed to continuing the growth of the People’s Council throughout the organisation and as such the hope for 2018 is for every Cygnet unit to have an up and running Cygnet People’s Council.

“At Cygnet Health Care, we strive to ensure that we are delivering compassionate, high-quality care. We are continually improving and enhancing our systems, we believe that people in our care are fundamental in this process. If something is going wrong, I want to hear about it and that is where the People’s Council comes in. The data is one thing, but the direct feedback from the people we care for, makes all the difference.”Dr Tony Romero, Chief Executive, Cygnet Health Care

The People’s Council now sits in Cygnet Health Care’s governance structure and reports in directly to the Executive Management Board.

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