Carnival Fun Day at Cygnet Hospital Harrow

Earlier this month, Cygnet Hospital Harrow celebrated together at their annual summer fun day. The day was organised by the staff, with the support of service users, who decided what activities they’d like to be of offer.

The occupational therapy team facilitated several activities throughout the day, such as football, field games, ‘Guess how many’ candy jars, karaoke, and throwing whipped cream ‘pies’ at some of the team members!

Family and carers of service users were invited to join the fun, and they participated in all the festivities and activities. All attendees enjoyed a delicious BBQ lunch together prepared by the amazing catering team.

Michelle van Vuren, Head of Occupational Therapy at Cygnet Hospital Harrow said, “Social interaction is an important aspect of a rehabilitation program, as the goal is to support individuals to become more independent in the community.

“The aim of the fun day was to give service users the opportunity to participate in various leisure activities by encouraging social interaction with others.

“Some of the therapeutic aspects addressed were; facilitating social interaction (verbal and nonverbal communication is often challenging for our autistic service users); facilitating improved self-esteem by supporting them to achieve goals in activities; facilitating improved mood by encouraging them to engage in physical activities that could aid in the release of serotonin and endorphins; and facilitating basic life skills during the activities such as problem-solving, decision-making and planning.

“The leisure aspect of the event informed positive behaviour and motivated service users to participate meaningfully. Four of the service users requested to have fun day every Friday!”

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