Community Activities

There are various community activities that service users can take advantage of outside the Cygnet Lodge Kenton program. These range from educational activities to voluntary opportunities and are provided by organisations with which Cygnet Lodge Kenton is affiliated. They are either accessed individually or in groups, following an assessment by our Occupational Therapist.

MIND in Harrow offers a variety of activities promoting the development of interests and skills for persons with mental illness. Their Stepping Stones Project offers courses and leisure activities exclusively for Harrow residents. They also have ‘back to work’ projects. Service users can access this service independently or with assistance from our OT department.

Link-Up is an organisation that assists in developing skills and interests for individuals with learning disabilities. They offer activities across a broad area of functioning and have offered us several placements, including holidays for our service users. Activities offered include:

  • budgeting skills
  • how to improve skills (related to finding a job)
  • travel training
  • IT skills
  • literacy projects
  • craft activities
  • dancing classes
  • healthy living groups
  • social clubs

The Earth Project is a community horticultural and animal welfare project which offers placements for service users.

Sante Beauty Salon offers complimentary therapy which is used as a reward for our service users. Individuals can also access this service at a discount.

Harrow College and Maddison House, Wembley offer the opportunity to service users to gain qualifications and further their education. Service users are also free to study any course towards furthering their academic qualifications through the Open University. Resources and support is provided by the University according to their needs.

Harrow Leisure Centre is just a bus ride away and offers activities such as gym, swimming, aerobics and various other sports and is available for use by our service users.

St Lukes Hospice & Asha Charity Shop offer voluntary work in a retail setting on a schedule that both suits and is specifically tailored to our service users.

Finally, gardening voluntary work is offered in the gardens of one of our hospitals in the area.

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