Quality Governance

We believe good governance is everyone’s responsibility to ensure service user safety, quality care and an open culture for all.

Cygnet is committed to providing high quality care through a robust governance framework that is transparent, accountable and inclusive.

We work together with a shared goal of providing safe, effective care that makes a positive difference to those we look after.

What is good governance?

Good governance is about making sure we’re doing the right things, in the right way for those we care for. It’s about being open, transparent, inclusive and accountable. It means we can provide good quality, sustainable services and ensure learning opportunities to constantly improve and excel.

Our governance framework

As Cygnet has grown we have adapted our governance systems and processes to ensure our services are effective, safe and sustainable and have the individuals we care for at the heart of all we do.

Quality and safety are at the forefront of how we work and we constantly monitor and review our services through our internal Quality Assurance, Safeguarding, Compliance and specialist teams.

Our Governance Structures are Underpinned by These Key Principles:

  • Our governance framework is such that we focus on high quality care and positive outcomes for those we look after and support
  • Our service user voice is integral to our governance processes. Our People’s Councils and advocacy provision allow us to hear directly from those we look after
  • We work collaboratively and openly to provide services that are effective, safe and person-centred, where risks are managed appropriately
  • Our teams feel able to speak up and share information safely
  • We value positive relationships and collaboration within the communities we serve
  • We are open, accountable and we listen from service level to Board and vice versa

Key goals in Quality Governance

  • Ensure required standards are achieved and exceeded
  • Ensure investigation and action is taken on sub-standard performance
  • Plan and drive continuous improvement
  • Identify, share and ensure delivery of best practice
  • Identify and manage risks to quality of care

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