Carers Card UK

Carers of service users or residents who are accessing Cygnet services are able to purchase a Carers Card at a discounted rate.

The Carers Card is intended for individuals who provide care, support, or assistance to someone, including those receiving carers allowance. This encompasses helping individuals dealing with mental health issues, illness, disability, frailty, or addiction.

What does it offer?

Support As a card holder your account includes a catalogue of useful information. Everything from guides to best practices. Through the app Carer Card UK aims to not only provide practical support for you as a carer but also let you know that that there are resources and services available to support you in your role.

In Case of Emergency The card holds x2 ‘In Case of Emergency (ICE)’ contact details which are an essential piece of information that can be used if you are taken ill or injured. Anyone that’s shown or discovers the card has two contacts they can call to inform them what’s happened. A ‘Carer’s Emergency Plan’ is an extremely useful document outlining key information about the person you care for. You can create your plan within your account.

Care Circle The ‘Carer Circle’ tool allows you to create a circle of care for the person you look after.

It helps you organise your care by allowing you to add notes, tasks, appointments, medication lists as well as monitoring the wellbeing of the person you care for. If you share the responsibility of caring with someone else then you can invite them into your Carer Circle.

Online Discount The Carers Card provides carers with access to online discounts through its app, offering savings and various online perks across 21 categories, ranging from food and drink to days out.

What is the price of the card?

The card can be purchased at a discounted price of £7 via the link below.

Download Carers Card Poster
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