Summit School

Summit School provides education for all young people admitted to Joyce Parker Hospital. Learning takes place in a suite of rooms, equipped with ICT facilities and a sports hall. Teaching is provided by subject-specialist teachers and Higher-Level Teaching Assistants.

Our Vision

In partnership with the wider hospital, we enable young people to become resilient and reflective, so that they can meet the pressures and demands of modern life.

We recognise that learning is a journey and not a destination, so we work collaboratively to enable students to rediscover the joy in lifelong learning with a broad, creative and supportive curriculum.

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Virtual Video Tour

Take a look at Cygnet Joyce Parker’s virtual tour, which includes Summit School.


Cygnet hospital schools aspire to maintain and develop current educational pathways and/or promote future re-engagement with education, employment or training.
In doing so, we believe that students leaving our provision will stand the best chance of reintegration with community life and therefore a successful recovery journey.

Our curriculum is personalised to individual students and therefore explicit pathways vary according to personal goals and needs. This might mean mirroring a current educational pathway or choosing from a range of courses offered at our schools (or a combination of both).

Qualification type, level, tier etc. will be planned on an individual basis, and with reference to the overarching curriculum intent. Other factors such as predicted length of stay and examination plans may also need to be considered.

Due to the fluctuating nature of mental health conditions, a flexible curriculum approach is required. During particularly acute periods of presentation it may be appropriate to instead focus on stabilisation and engagement. In this situation, activities will be planned as a vehicle to improve mental health functioning in education (MHFE) with the intention to re-establish readiness for learning.

Academic Timetable

Here is an example of an academic timetable to support a student:

Summit School Academic Timetable


Debra Eason, Head Teacher Interim (Tuesday – Thursday), Tel: 02475 100 150
Nicky Jessop, Teacher in Charge, Tel: 02475 100 150
Edward Hall, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Tel: 0114 279 3328
Stacey Arnett, Education Officer, Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Exams Officer, Tel: 02475 100 150
Rachel Rix, National SENCO Lead, Tel: 07738 716408

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