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Angela’s Journey at Cygnet Wallace Hospital – Part One

In our latest blog, Angela, a service user at Cygnet Wallace Hospital, talks about her journey so far and her goals for the future. This blog is the first in a series from Angela, where she will continue to document her thoughts and progress.

I arrived at the beginning of February 2021. At this time I was unsure of being here and unsure about staying here. The first few days I found it hard because I didn’t know the staff or other patients. I was feeling negative and felt no one wanted to help me and was very scared.

After a few weeks I felt more settled and things started to get better. I became involved with occupational therapy and the activity coordinator on the ward. I was also becoming more trusting of all of the staff. I was on two to one observations when outside and although I struggled I decided to work with the team.

I became more involved in sessions taking part in the ward community meeting, arts and crafts, painting in my room (I love to paint abstract paintings on my own in my bedroom) horticulture, cooking, baking, exercises, sensory circuits and my favourite pastime going out for walks.

I began to be more involved in activities and worked with the occupational therapist to set goals for my time at Wallace but also for my future. I would like eventually to live in my own flat in Edinburgh but know I have lots to do before this can happen. Along with the occupational therapist I have been developing my own goals to help me achieve and move on independently. My current goals are to buy a tablet that I will eventually be able to use to access the internet. I will firstly use things like Spotify, Netflix and games. I am also working towards using public transport independently and travelling to Dundee on my own and to spend overnight stays at my sisters flat in Edinburgh.

So far I have achieved short term goals including preparing and cooking my own meals, visiting the local supermarkets to purchase my weekly shopping and travelling into town with the occupational therapist using public transport and having meals in different restaurants.

Next steps for me are to save money for a tablet and television, become more familiar with community venues and facilities and continue to work towards being more independent.

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