Tiffany Ward – Women’s Low Secure

Tiffany Ward supports women in a low secure environment, providing specialist assessment, treatment and, if needed, intensive rehabilitation from a comprehensive, person-centred and trauma-informed approach.

Orchid Ward – Acute Service for Women

Orchid Ward provides a women’s acute service designed specifically for people who are detained under the Mental Health Act. We have a safe environment for people who are experiencing an acute episode of mental illness who need assessment and stabilisation.

Peplau Ward – Men’s Medium Secure

Peplau Ward supports men in a medium secure and safe environment where people can receive specialist assessment and treatment alongside, and if needed, intensive rehabilitation.

Saunders Ward – Men’s Low Secure

Saunders Ward supports men in a low secure setting. The service aims to enable people to reintegrate into the community and is part of the male care pathway at Cygnet Hospital Stevenage, which includes our medium secure service on Peplau Ward.