Diagnostic Assessment Clinic

Cygnet Hospital Harrow’s Diagnostic Assessment Clinic provides a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment for adults (18 years and above) who present with suspected features of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and makes recommendations to the patient, family, and referrer about further management as necessary.

Assessment Process

  • Patients are referred by a Consultant Psychiatrist – either NHS sector consultant, a private sector psychiatrist with Responsible Clinician status, or the patients’ GP.
  • Given the likely cost it is envisaged that most patients will require funding from a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
  • The patient arrives at clinic, ideally with a parent to allow an Autism Diagnostic Inventory – Revised (ADI-R) assessment – but we recognise that this may not be possible). The timing of the assessment can be arranged on an individual basis.
  • A history, mental state examination and physical examination are conducted by the Springs Service ward psychiatrist. A simultaneous ADI-R assessment is conducted with the parent by a trained member of the Springs staff. If a mother or other informant for the ADI-R is not available or is unable to remember sufficient details, the patient will take a break after the clinical interview, and an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule assessment will be conducted.
  • The ward doctor, ADI-R/ ADOS assessor, and consultant meet to discuss the case.
  • Our consultant interviews the patient with the team and feeds back the results of the assessment.
  • Patients with an ASD come back on a subsequent occasion for detailed neuropsychological testing. This is because neuropsychological strengths and difficulties are common in people with an ASD, and accurately measuring them guides treatment recommendations. Measures include tests of intelligence and executive function. An ADOS will also be administered on this day if the results of the ADI-R / clinical interview are equivocal. This would require a morning and afternoon testing session.
  • A report is prepared by the assessing team. The report will contain results of the assessment, and treatment recommendations for the patient, family, and referrer. We aim for a report preparation time of 4 – 6 weeks.


Day 1: £2,000
Day 2: £400 (specialist neuropsychological assessment for those with an ASD).

Total for full two day assessment – £2,400.

For more information or to arrange an assessment please call Cygnet Hospital Harrow on 020 8966 7000.

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