Cygnet Pindar House’s new staff wellbeing room

Cygnet Pindar House have recently opened their new staff wellbeing room. The room can be used by staff when they need some time off ward to reflect and relax in a quiet and calming setting.

The room has a bright light therapy lamp which aims to improve mood and mental state by increasing exposure to light, mediating the effects of reduced lux levels during the winter months.

As the service has a diverse group of staff, the management team want to ensure that everyone’s cultural, religious and spiritual needs are met. This space can also be used for meditation, daily prayers and/or any other cultural/spiritual needs.

Amina Jama, Occupational Therapist, said: “Whenever I need time away or have been involved in a stressful situation, I have that room available to reflect and relax. I have the opportunity to have a spacious, quiet and relaxing area to pray my daily prayers. I also have a prayer mat available to me.”

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