Cygnet Delfryn’s new newsletter

Members of the Peoples Council at Cygnet Delfryn have worked together to produce their first newsletter which has been named – The Delfryn Extravaganza!

One service user said: “It is nice to share my work and the newsletter is a good way to do this. It makes me want to see what else I can do for next months newsletter.”

Rebecca Boothby, Occupational Therapist at Delfryn, said: “Co-producing this newsletter with service users has been wonderful. They have so many talents and creative skills, we need to show them off and share with everyone to inspire others. It has been a pleasure working with the Peoples Council to create such a great piece of work which provides different roles, more meaningful occupations and increases motivation. Next steps with this is for people to work on this through the therapeutic earnings programme to build on their vocational skills; there is so much potential!”

Within the first edition of the newsletter it has showcased service user photography, poetry and mindfulness quotes. Vicky, the site’s personal trainer, has written a piece of who she is, her experience and how she can help people with their physical and mental health. There are recipes to inspire others when cooking, puzzles and top tips from the MDT promoting free mental health support apps.

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