Cygnet Adarna House Celebrate Hot Chocolate and Croissant Day

This weekend, our amazing team and service users came together to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day and National Croissant Day with an early brunch morning at Cygnet Adarna House.

The dining room underwent a magical transformation into a tea room, adorned with delightful decorations. The menu featured an array of hot drinks, pastries, fruit, and delectable desserts. Service users actively participated in decorating the room and preparing the scrumptious food.

Senior Health Care Support Worker Rumbi, took on the role of the barista, satisfying the high demand for delicious hot drinks. The feedback was heartwarming – one service user exclaimed, “This is the best hot chocolate I have ever had!”

Another shared, “I would like more of these sessions,” highlighting the positive impact of such gatherings. A third service user beautifully captured the essence, stating, “I really enjoyed sitting around the table with everyone; it felt like a family.”

Thank you to everyone involved for making this brunch morning a memorable experience.




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