World Day for Cultural Diversity at Cygnet Hospital Woking

The team at Cygnet Hospital Woking recently celebrated World Day for Cultural Diversity by cooking sharing different dishes from around the world. World Day for Cultural Diversity is a United Nations–sanctioned observance day for the promotion of diversity and intercultural dialogue. It is celebrated every year on May 21st.

Food is a wonderful way to introduce individuals to each other’s cultures and develop positive perspectives and a number of staff took the time to cook various dishes to celebrate the event.

Dishes included hummus with salad, Victoria Sponge cake, Vada Pav, English afternoon tea, red Thai Chicken Curry with sticky rice, Sadza Veggie, Kashmiri chai/ tea, Zarda, Meethe chawal, Limbu Pani, Romanian cabbage rolls, Romanian Caozonac, Welsh cakes, plantain with fish, Scottish shortbread, sausage rolls, caramelised pork pies, peanut and vegetable curry, puff puff, Biryani, scones, crackers with dips and momos; etc. The turnout was wonderful and everyone was happy to cook, share and talk about their culture.

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