Caleb’s Journey

Read Caleb’s blog about his experience at Cygnet Adarna House through to the present day where he is looking forward to progressing into community living, and taking on an expert by experience role within the service.

“I started on a medium secure unit because of my self-harming. It was a really difficult time for me and i struggled to control my distressing thoughts of hurting myself and occasionally I had to be secluded. During my stay I was diagnosed with Autism and moved to a Cygnet rehabilitation ward for ASD.

I continued to injure myself, some days were worst than others. I would just stay in bed and sleep all the time. The team there felt I would benefit from moving to a new service, Adarna House which would help me look towards rebuilding my life and encourage me to spend more time in the community. I moved here in January 2022 and I feel really comfortable, it is quieter and feels more like a home.

I have progressed a lot in my time here, I enjoy going outside and since the service knew how much I enjoy magic, they helped me to achieved one of my big goals which was joining the magic circle. I also love seeing the therapy dog, Otis. I have now been made informal and I am waiting for my new house in the community which I will be able to live in with support for the foreseeable future.

I am planning to return to Adarna House as a volunteer and hopefully progress to a role as an expert by experience. I haven’t self-harmed in over a year and the team are really happy with my progress.”

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