A Parent’s View: Communicating with my autistic son during Covid-19

Carers Week (7 – 13 June 2021) is an annual campaign to raise awareness and recognise the contribution carers make to families and communities throughout the UK. This week the mother of a service user at Cygnet Hospital Harrow shares her account of how important communication has been to her relationship with her son throughout the lockdowns of the last year.

LGBTQ+ Group at Cygnet Hospital Ealing

As Pride Month begins, Andrew Seed (pronouns he/him), our integrative psychotherapist at Cygnet Hospital Ealing, talks about creating a safe space for the service users and staff to celebrate their gender and sexual identity.

Alison King

Huntington’s Disease: Compassionate Care and Treatment

As we mark Huntington’s Awareness Month at Cygnet, Alison King, Hospital Manager at Cygnet St William’s in Darlington, takes time to reflect on the support, care and treatment we provide to those more severely affected by this life changing condition.

My Story and Journey at Cygnet Alders Clinic by Charley

In our latest blog, Charley, a former service user at Cygnet Alders Clinic shares how the team helped her to find her creativity again and manage her own symptoms to enable her to move back into the community.

How spending time in nature has helped my mental health

This week it is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme chosen for this year is nature, and more specifically the importance of connecting with nature in keep us psychologically and physically healthy. In his blog, Matt O’Brien, Digital Marketing Manager, shares how spending time outdoors has helped him.