Chestnut Court – Highly Specialised Autism Spectrum Disorder Service for Men

Chestnut Court at Cygnet Hospital Colchester supports individuals with autism, learning disabilities and complex needs. The service is suitable for individuals who are detained under the Mental Health Act, as well as those who have complex behaviours, or significant difficulties with social engagement. Chestnut Court is a new service which will open in June 2024.

Highwoods Ward – Acute Service for Men

Highwoods Ward at Cygnet Hospital Colchester is a 19 bed acute service for men who are experiencing an acute episode of mental illness and require an emergency admission.

Larch Court

Larch Court provides an acute admissions / intensive support service for men with autism, a learning disability, complex needs and who may present with behaviours that challenge.

Oak Court

Oak Court at Cygnet Hospital Colchester provides dedicated, person-centred support to men with a learning disability, associated complex needs and behaviours that challenge, who are at different stages of their care pathway.