Cygnet Hospital Beckton’s Employee Appreciation Day

Thank you to Florence Ajibade, Staff Support Coordinator and SRG Chair/Lead at Cygnet Hospital Beckton, who provided this update on National Employee Appreciation Day.

“National Employee Appreciation Day is dedicated to honouring the backbone of every successful organisation – our incredible Teams.

“Here at Cygnet Hospital Beckton, we wholeheartedly recognise the invaluable contributions of each team member, which shape the vibrant tapestry of our workplace with their unique talents and unwavering dedication.

“Our amazing staff members were treated to onsite upper body massages, a special recognition session, and heartfelt acknowledgments for those who went above and beyond the call of duty. Gift vouchers, a beautiful wellbeing hamper, and certificates of appreciation were presented, while everyone indulged in delicious cakes and fresh fruits.

“It was indeed a time of joyous celebration and profound gratitude. We firmly believe that recognition not only fosters engagement, performance, and retention but also reinforces our core values and builds a thriving culture within our organisation.

“A heartfelt shout-out goes to our fantastic Team Beckton – your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being the driving force behind our success! Big kudos to our fabulous Senior Management Team for their invaluable leadership and dedication.”

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