Cygnet Bury Forestwood’s Christmas Fayre

The team at Cygnet Bury Forestwood hosted a Christmas Fayre where all of the young people were involved with planning and creating items to be given away at stalls. The young people were involved in baking festive goods, creating baubles and Christmas decorations and decorating Tree Tops. The fayre also included interactive games such as Rodeo Reindeer bull where the young people and staff competed to stay on for the longest! There was also a visit from the Grinch!

The Excel and Exceed school presented an art exhibition based on the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama where the young people demonstrated their hard work created in art lessons. The Excel and Exceed team also sold hand-made hair scrunchies and key rings to raise money for charity. The school choir then performed an ensemble including a song co-written by service users, they received a brilliant reception. Well done to all of the young people and staff involved, and the OT and education team.

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