Carers Awareness at Cygnet Wast Hills

On March 20th Cygnet Wast Hills held its very first Carer Awareness Day, which was accompanied by a Regional Network Event organised by the Cygnet Carers Network.

The event was attended by over a dozen carers from the Birmingham area, as well as carers from Cygnet Sedgley Lodge and House, and many members of staff.

Julian de Takats, a representative from the Cygnet Carers Network, expressed how fantastic the event was, as it felt more like a celebration of all things carers, with a beautifully decorated hall, balloons, and cake.

Carer Ambassadors and professionals led talks on carer-related topics. There was poetry, and a musical interlude where service users performed alongside a very talented vocalist/guitarist.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and it provided carers and staff with an opportunity to share their experiences and learn more about carers’ rights, as well as the work the Carers Network has been doing to raise carer awareness across Cygnet Services.

It was encouraging to hear that carers found the event helpful and informative, and hopefully, they found kinship and supportive allies for the future. Overall, it was an excellent event that will be hard to top – well done Wast Hills!

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